LOT NO: 1201    meaning Starting: THB 2900   Approx: 82  
Lot of 114 banknotes; series XII-XV comprising of Series XII 20b.x93, Series XV 50b.x20 and Commemorative notes 1996 King's Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x1, some notes with folds, inspection recommended, mostly AU-UNC.(114) Sold As Is.
ѵ 114 Ѻ 12-15 12 20.x93, 15 50.x20 иѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ 50. x1 ҧѺ¾Ѻ õǨͺ Ҿǹ AU-UNC.(114) µҾ

LOT NO: 1202    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 114  
Lot of 12 banknotes; series IX-XI comprising of Series IX 100b. #P78d signed 41 (large text) wkm. king's portrait x4, Series X 100b. #P82 signed 41 x4 and Series XI 100b. #P85a signed 49 x4, some notes with folds, mishandling or light stains. AU-UNC.(12)
ѵ 12 Ѻ 9-11 9 100. оѡ .- (˭) ¹ x4, 10 100. .- x4 11 100. ؾѲ-ʹ x4 ҧѺ¾Ѻ Ѻ ͤҺͧ AU-UNC.(12) µҾ

LOT NO: 1203    meaning Starting: THB 6400   Approx: 182  
Lot of 125 banknotes; series IX-XI comprising of Series IX 1b.x77, 5b.x7, 100b.x11 and Series XI 100b.x30, folds, stains, torn, inspection recommended. F-UNC.(125) Sold As Is.
ѵ 57 Ѻ 9-11 9 1.x77, 5.x7, 100.x11 11 100.x30 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ¢Ҵ õǨͺ F-UNC.(125) µҾ

LOT NO: 1204    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 114  
Lot of 125 banknotes; series IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 1b.x17, 5b.x1, 20b.x1, 100b.x10, Series XI 5b.x29, 10b.x27, Series XII 10b.x20, 100b.x14 and Series XIII 50b.x5, 500b.x1, some notes with folds, stains, split, graffiti, inspection recommended. F-AU.(125) Sold As Is.
ѵ 125 Ѻ 9-13 9 1.x17, 5.x1, 20.x1, 100.x10, 11 5.x29, 10.x27, 12 10.x20, 100.x14, 13 50.x5, 500.x1 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ¢Ҵ ֡ õǨͺ F-AU.(125) µҾ

LOT NO: 1205    meaning Starting: THB 4000   Approx: 114  
Lot of 201 banknotes; series IX-XV comprising of Series IX 1b.x10, 5b.x47, 10b.x34, 20b.x1, 100b.x2, Series XII 10b.x85, 20b.x6, Series XIII 50b.x1, Series XIV 100b.x3, Series XV 50b.x8 and Commemorative notes 1996 King's Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x3, some notes with folds or light stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(201) Sold As Is.
ѵ 201 Ѻ 9-15 9 1.x10, 5.x47, 10.x34, 20.x1, 100.x2, 12 10.x85, 20.x6, 13 50.x1, 14 100.x3, 15 50.x8 иѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ 50. x3 ҧѺ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(201) µҾ

LOT NO: 1206    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 85  
Lot of 21 banknotes; Series IX 50st.x2, 1b.x10 (include black numeric Pick#69b signed 32 first prefix #R201), 5b.x3 ((include Pick#75c signed 36 last prefix #N53), 10b.x3, 20b.x3, some folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(21) Sold As Is.
ѵ 21 Ѻ 9 ԴҤ 50ʵ..x2, 1.x10 (Ţ оѡ˹ -പ Ǵá #R201), 5.x3 (վоѡ ..- Ǵش #N53), 10.x3, 20.x3 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(21) µҾ

LOT NO: 1207    meaning Starting: THB 50000   Approx: 1428  
Lot of 220 banknotes; Series IX-XIII comprising of Series IX 10b.x11, 20b.x1, 100b.x107, Series X 100b.x30, Series XI 100b.x11, 500b.x56, Series XII 100b.x2, Series XIII 50b.x1 and Commemorative notes 50b.x1. face value total approx 47,000Baht, some notes with stains, folds, inspection recommended, mostly VF-AU.(220) Sold As Is
ѵ 220 Ѻ 9-13 9 10.x11, 20.x1, 100.x107, 10 100.x30, 11 100.x11, 500.x56, 12 100.x2, 13 50.x1 иѵ÷֡ 50.()x1 Ҥ˹Թҳ 47,000ҷ ¾Ѻ դҺͧ õǨͺ Ҿǹ˭ VF-AU.(220) µҾ

LOT NO: 1208    meaning Starting: THB 6000   Approx: 171  
Lot of 71 banknotes; series VIII-XII comprising of Series VIII 1b.x1, Series IX 1b.x35, 5b.x1, 10b.x5, 20b.x2 (include 2's), Series X 10b.x1, Series XI 10b.x3, 20b.x1, Series XII 10b.x1 and Commemorative notes 60b.x4, 100b.x14, 16b. uncut x3, folds, stains, mixed condition inspection recommended. VG-UNC.(71) Sold As Is.
ѵ 71 Ѻ 8-12 8 1.x1, 9 1.x35, 5.x1, 10.x5, 20.x2 ( 2's), 10 100.x1, 11 10.x3, 20.x1, 12 10.x1 иѵ÷֡ 60.x4, 100.x14, 16.Ѵ x3 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ ҾлõǨͺ VG-UNC.(71) µҾ

LOT NO: 1209    meaning Starting: THB 6600   Approx: 188  
Lot of 73 banknotes; series XIV-XV 100b.x55 notes and Commemorative notes 1996 King's Golden Jubilee 50b. polymer x18 notes, mishandling, with album. AU-UNC.(73) Sold As Is.
ѵ 73 Ѻ 14-15 ԴҤ 100.x55Ѻ иѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ 50. x18Ѻ ѺҧѺ ź AU-UNC.(73) µҾ

LOT NO: 1210    meaning Starting: THB 8000   Approx: 228  
Lot of 79 banknotes; Series IX (large text) wkm. king's portrait, 1b.x29, 10b.x30, 20b.x20, some folds, stains, inspection recommended. VF-UNC.(79) Sold As Is.
ѵ 79 Ѻ 9 оѵ (˭) ¹ ԴҤ 1.x29, 10.x30, 20.x20 ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ VF-UNC.(79) µҾ

LOT NO: 1211    meaning Starting: THB 3000   Approx: 85  
Lot of 14 banknotes; Series II-XIII comprising of 50st.x1 & 1b.x13, folds, spilt, stains, inspection recommended. F-EF.(14) Sold As Is.
ѵ 14 Ѻ 2-8 ԴҤ 50ʵ.x1 1.x13 ¾Ѻ ¢Ҵ ʹ õǨͺ F-EF.(14) µҾ

LOT NO: 1212    meaning Starting: THB 11000   Approx: 314  
Lot of 43 banknotes; Series IX-XVI comprising of 10b.x1, 20b.x11, 50b.x4, 100b.x18, 500b.x1, 1000b.x8, some notes with folds, stains, inspection recommended, with album. VF-UNC.(43) Sold As Is.
ѵ 43 Ѻ 9-16 ԴҤ 10.x1, 20.x11, 50.x4, 100.x18, 500.x1, 1000.x8 ءѺ 9 ˹ 9ѧ ҧѺ¾Ѻ ʹ õǨͺ ź VF-UNC.(43) µҾ

LOT NO: 1213    meaning Starting: THB 18000   Approx: 514  
Lot of 124 commemorative banknotes 1987-2016; 10b.x3, 50b.x4, 60b.x13, 70b.x8, 80b.x3, 100b.x55, 500b.x13, 1000b.x2 and 1,5,10b. uncut x23, without folders, some notes with light stains or mishandling. UNC.(124) Sold As Is
ѵ÷֡ ӹǹ 124 Ѻ 2538-2559; 10.x3, 50.x4, 60.x13, 70.x8, 80.x3, 100.x55, 500.x13, 1000.x2 1,5,10.Ѵx23 ҧѺդҺͧҧ Ѻ硹 UNC.(124) µҾ

LOT NO: 1214    meaning Starting: THB 1000   Approx: 28  
Shredded Souvenir Thai banknotes: 10Baht, 20Baht, 100Baht & 500Baht; 4 bricks each denomination of used genuine banknotes shredded and compressed into a rectangular-shaped of approx 11.5x17x7cm.(4 bricks) Sold As Is
ѵ·繡͹֡: ԴҤ 10ҷ 20ҷ 100ҷ & 500ҷ ӹǹ 4 ͹ ӨҡѵѴ繡͹׹ҢҴҳ 11.5x17x7. (4 ͹) µҾ

LOT NO: 1215    meaning Starting: THB 5000   Approx: 142  
Replacement & joint prefixes; lot of 6 banknotes, Series XI-XII comprising of Series XI 10b.x3 (2J, 4F, 3S), 20b.x1 (05S), Series XII 100b. x1 (0S) and Commemorative; 1996 Golden Jubilee 500b. polymer x1 (50S), without folder, some notes with folds, mishandling. VF-UNC.(6) Sold As Is.
ǴǴ 6 Ѻ 11-12; 11 10.x3 (2J, 4F, 3S), 20.x1 (05S), 12 100.x1 (0S) ѵ÷֡ 2539 ҭɡ ԴҤ 500 ҷ() x1 (50S) ҧѺ¾Ѻ Ѻ VF-UNC.(6) µҾ

LOT NO: 1216    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
Replacement Notes; Series XII 20 Baht (7 digits) Pick#88 signed 62 x20 notes in consecutive numbers #0S 3893801-20. UNC.(20)
ѵǴ 12 ԴҤ 20 ҷ Ţ 7 ѡ Թ-ԨԵ ӹǹ 20 Ѻ ާ #0S 3893801-20. UNC.(20)

LOT NO: 1217    meaning Starting: THB 2000   Approx: 57  
Series IX 1 Baht black numeric #P69b & #P74, various signatures total 48 notes, light stains, folds. VF.(48) Sold As Is
9 ԴҤ 1 ҷ Ţ оѡ˹ ҡ 48Ѻ դҺͧ ¾Ѻ VF.(48) µҾ